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4 more chapters...

Posted by nsotzek on October 22, 2011 at 11:20 AM

I was never used to writing actual chapters. I used to simply write and write and write, and then go back and decide where the chapter breaks go. Recently, I've changed my strategy and it seems to be working well.

With that being said, I plan on writing four more chapters....although I have the end of the book already written. Is that cheating?

And then comes the fun part: the re-write! As I've written each page, the characters evolve and do things I wasn't quite expecting. I sit back and think to myself: 'Hm, well they weren't supposed to do that,' but what can I do? So now I have to go back and smooth the edges that my rebellious characters have created for themselves.

Even without the last four pages, the re-write and the editing, I've already written a query letter. Haven't sent it, of course, but I have a few agents in mind who I would like to represent my novel.

Maybe I'll also post this here, while I'm at it.....

Science fiction is real!

Or at least the concept for my novel. That in itself is rather cool. The whole concept for the novel is that a computer chip controls these AI animals (AIMs - Aritificial Intelligence Morphers). Scientists at Tel-Aviv University have created a computer chip which replaces the cerebellum, and they're testing this in rats right now. The only difference is that an AIM is made up of a biological substance created in a laboratory combined with the chip, rather than an actual animal.

Read about the experiments here:



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