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Character Love

Posted by nsotzek on March 5, 2012 at 2:30 PM

If you hadn't noticed, I had a mini-interview for Tricia Drammeh's blog. The question was: have you ever fallen in love with your characters? Here's the blog for you to check out my answer, along with the answers of other wonderful authors: http://www.authorstowatch.triciadrammeh.com/2012/03/tall-dark-and-imaginary.html

It got me thinking about characters. Who are they? How are they created? When we think of famous fictional characters, what do we think of? What do we think of when we think about Heathcliffe? Do we think about his twisted and dark nature, or do we think of his internal torment caused by a broken heart?

I was always under the impression that authors put parts of themself into their characters, but when I look at the characters of my novel, I'm not so sure anymore. Okay, well Maria is extremely similar to me, so she doesn't count. But the others?

Cam Tylar. Oh man. How did I create him? He's so selfish, and ego-centric, I can't even believe I wrote Maria in love with him which in itself is a bit twisted...since she's practically me. My boyfriend, of course, created the characters originally and I've tried to keep Cam as close to the original notes as possible. I think what happened with Cam, is that I created him based on events that happened to him. For example: his father abandoned him and his mom when he was six. That resulted in him throwing himself into Scanning, proving himself to his dad, proving that he doesn't need his dad around. I think that's the big one, actually. That whole event pretty much sums up his character. He was so close with his dad, and then after he left Cam pretty much thought: "I don't need anyone. I can be the best without anyone's help, and without anyone in my life." When he did eventually become one of the best Scanners in Canada, that thinking was cemented in his mind. And then his mom died. Everyone he cared about left him. So much for lasting relationships.

Rick Warner. I think he's my biggest regret. I didn't do as much for him as I should have. He's the resonsible one, but holds all the guilt for the fracture in the team. I like to think I put my leadership into him, but I think that's about him. He tries so hard to just carry on as if nothing had happened, but his dad's in the hospital. This looks like it's a theme, but this was how my boyfriend wrote it originally.

Ryan Hampton is just a big cutie. Apparently, he was supposed to be the main character. I guess I messed that up. I think I put my goodie-two-shoes qualities completely into this character, and the rest of him is almost the opposite of me. He's part a huge, happy, family. He lives on a farm and is the oldest child out of six. I'm not quite sure why I made him into the boy next door type of character. That pretty much killed any chance he had with Maria. Sorry, Ryan.

So, how do I create my characters? In a big mess, apparently. I think a big part is creating them based on events that happened in their life. That's how people grow and develop habits, and characteristics, so I guess it only makes sense that that's how I would create the characters.

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