N.M Sotzek

Author of the AIM Chronicles

revealing the revolution

Canadian Scanning team, Revolution, desperately struggles to finally win the champion title as they discover connections between the dark and illegal Underground and their own team.

It's been twenty years since Scanning was introduced to the world: an adventure sport created specifically to use Artificial Intelligence Morphers. Not fully robotic, these robots consist of a biological substance which can take the form of any animal, powered by a highly advanced computer chip. These AIMs are used to complete phsyically and mentally demanding challenges along with their human owners.

With every culture, there is a sub-culture. The Underground creates black market products, hacked computer chips and a new biological element, vastly superior to the one created in mainstream laboratories. Scanning officials learned quickly that a hacked AIM was a dangerous AIM. Or so they claimed. If any athlete is found to have connections with the Underground, or any product of the sub-culture, they're banned from all tournaments.

Canadian Scanning Tournament team, Revolution, has been one of the top ten teams in the country for the past five years and are determined to finally win it all this season. An unexpected injury to their captain left them scrambling for a new member mere days before the tournament begins. They are left with a rookie from the Junior Division…and he’s never used an Artificial Intelligence Morpher.

Revolution soon discovers that training a rookie is the least of their worries. Together, the team must struggle with the intensity of the sport, broken relationships and the tendrils of the Underground which have somehow made their way into the very heart of their team.

All four athletes are determined to beat the odds, but one teammate has more than just the responsibility of winning the CST and training the rookie. He must keep his secret while protecting his team from others in the Underground. Slowly, he realizes that things are slipping out of his control as sabotage threatens his team’s chance at winning the tournament, and the future of his career as a Scanner. What will Revolution do when faced with a decision that could destroy the life and career of each team member?


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