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Pay Attention to the Details!

Posted by nsotzek on March 22, 2012 at 11:50 AM

I have yet another confession: I really dislike coming up with details. Not necessarily about characters, or setting (which is definitely something I need to work on, however), but just...details. Logistics. Last night I wrote out a scene in 'Chasing the Underground' that was all about scientific logistics. Now, I'm no scientist. I barely understand physics. What goes up, must come down. That pretty much sums up my understanding of the field. Oh! An object in motion, stays in motion. To every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I think that last one is Murphy's Law...that still counts, right?

But this was an intense scene. It's going into all the little details about the substance which makes up an Artificial Intelligence Morpher, and the formula, and the computer chip which powers it. When I originally wrote a highly scientific scene, science-people (sci-fi people, and some actual scientists) told me to scrap it because it's not realistic. Wait. What? Were rocketships realistic when someone wrote about them? Were robots? Nope. I understand that things still have to follow laws of nature, science, and physics...but do they really? Look at fantasy books. Entire worlds are created. Even in science-fiction/space-fiction. Okay seriously, let's talk about Star Wars for a moment.

They go around, flying to other planets, and we follow along because it's just darn cool! But let's think about this for a moment. They don't need space suits. They seem to have no difficulty: a) walking on different planets with different gravitational pulls, b) breathing in different atmospheres, c) understanding people, because it seems as though English is still the lingua franca. And people have a problem with my science scene because they can't imagine a gel-like substance turning into the form of an animal?

I'm not kidding myself. I know my book is soft sci-fi, but I want to add some science to it without scientists jumping down my throat. Dispend your belief! Repent!

I'm working through it slowly. I want to make it believable, but it's difficult to judge what's believable for others. I'm completely convinced that the creation of AIMs is just around the corner. However, I've been living with this idea for a while now. Whenever my boyfriend and I go for walks and we see an animal, we stop, stare at the animal, and say 'Scanned' as if we were part of the CST (he usually scans the animal first...it never works for me. He's just too quick with his AIRC). So, we'll see how it goes. Science is going to be important in this book so I need to try...along with my limited understanding of the mafia. Hey, it's my book, right? I could have a nice, loving, mafia. Pft. Who wants that?

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