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Procrastination is a Killer

Posted by nsotzek on March 28, 2012 at 11:30 PM

So I have quite a few projects going right now. By right now, I mean right this second. I'm attempting to re-work my presentation for a conference on Saturday, I've been bitten by the genealogy bug once again (fun fact: my grandfather to the 22nd degree is King Edward III of England), I'm looking up exercises and drafting up my e-mails to agents. Look out! Queries are coming your way next week! (Of course, I'm talking to agents there.)

Right now, my mind is filled with slips and burnishes, bronze duckbill axes, mixed in with Cam's arrogance and trying to figure out how the military works so I can place Maria in a realistic role. I'll tell you one thing: she won't be using a duckbill axe in combat.

People have told me that I should write ancient historical fiction, since I have the background knowledge from my degree. I don't think I'd be able to do it, though. I'd be too harsh on myself and I'd never get anything done. I much rather writing either modern/future, or only a little bit into the past (1800's). Although, I do have a short story written which is set in ancient Rome. Hm, maybe I should look at that one again. I remember being quite pleased with it.

Do you see what I mean? I'm all over the place right now. So much going on. It's times like this that I try to step back and do one thing at at time....but not tonight! I have my comfy (too-large) sweatpants on, and I'm up all night! Let's see what other Kings I'm related to. Maybe I can add that to my book....

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