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A little late...

Posted by nsotzek on May 30, 2012 at 4:35 PM

Well, I'm a little more than overdue in my next post! I took a bit of a writing break. Not that I lost motivation, but I needed to step back and take it all in. I needed to re-focus. Do you ever get that feeling, that there's just so much to do, and you're running out of time? You don't necessarily have a deadline, but there's this pressure deep inside that's telling you "you have things to do, and you have to do them soon!" Yeah, that feeling. I've had that for just over a month now.

So, I started a new writing project. Nothing major. It'll stay on the side for when I need a break, and need to feel productive. Why do I say productive? This book is actually set in the Iron Age IIC period in Babylon and Israel. I'm putting my degree to use! Well, I'd much rather write on the Middle Bronze Age, but this topic stuck out in my mind, so I just went with it. I've been doing tons of research, which has consisted of digging through my boxes of textbooks, and binders filled with lecture notes. It's kept the academic side of my mind charged and entertained, which I've noticed slowly turning to mush since I graduated a year ago.

Maybe eventually it'll turn into a major project, but for now, all of my intense efforts are on Revealing the Revolution, and finding the perfect agent for that, while working on the sequel (which is coming along swimmingly, might I add!). Still no bites, but I know there will be.

I know that the majority of authors don't make much money, and can't afford to sit around at home and write all day. I've tried to keep myself busy and make myself feel productive while writing (still unemployed, as well). How do you all keep yourself busy? How do you handle the time?

To add to my list of things to do, on June 10th I'll be walking 5km in the Walk to Fight Arthritis! Because I needed just one more thing to add to my schedule. If anyone wants to check it out (and perhaps donate...it's for a good cause! Think of this as a pre-cursor to me asking you to buy my book, but you get to choose this price.) here:

That's all for now! I will keep up this posting schedule. I will! I will!

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